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Flights to Africa

Major cities: Cape Town, Tunis, Tripoli, Kampala

Popular destinations: Alexandria, Casablanca, Safari parks, Atlas mountains

Major attractions: Visit historical cities like Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria,
trek the Sahara desert, tour a safari park or climb the Atlas mountains.
Meanwhile, others will appreciate Victoria Falls in Zambia, while others will
enjoy sophisticated Cape Town in sunny South Africa.

Africa, the 'Dark Conntinent' is huge. From the Arabic countries in the north through the Sahara Desert to the Zulus in the south, Africa straddles the equator and encompasses two temperate zones. It is also widely believed to be the continent longest inhabited by humans.

Travelling to Africa
Flying to Africa is relatively easy. Popular destinations such as Cairo, Johannesburg, Tangier and Mombasa are served by various European airlines such as British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and Alitalia.

Within Africa the internal transport systems of most countries are poor. Travel is best organised with the help of hotels and specialist private travel companies.

Where to stay
Accomodation in Africa includes luxury wildlife & game lodges, purpose-built African holiday resorts & accomodation in superior and five-star hotels.

Budget travel in Africa is available in many larger cities. Hostels and cheap hotels are not too difficult to find. Also, some families will offer you rooms in their homes, which could make for a truely authentic experience.

Things to do in Africa
Africa has a rich and varied environment. The Saharan dune and Atlas mountains may appeal to some, while others will be taken by the beauty of the lakes and waterfalls such as Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania and the Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe. An lets not forget the Safari and game parks of the Africa Veldt, rich in wildlife and nature.

For the more conventional tourist there are golden beaches and plenty of sites. From the Egyptian Pyramids to the Moroccan Kasbah down to South African resorts there is plenty to enjoy.