Budget Air Flights

Budget Air Flights

Going on holiday? Hoping to book a cheap budget flight to your destination? Whether you want a short-haul flight to Amsterdam or are looking for flights to Las Vegas, or anywhere else, we have invaluable travel information that will help you reach your destination while paying as little as possible.

Flights to Europe
Europe has many great destinations. With a rich diversity of cultures and geography it has destinations to suit all requirements. Sunseekers can fly to Nice of any of the popular Spanish resorts such as Malaga. Or if you prefer a city break you can book a cheap flight to Prague, Paris, Amsterdam or Athens and appreciate the history and culture of these great cities.

Flights to Asia
Asia is vast. Within this huge continent there are stacks of places worth visiting. Some destinations, like Tokyo, are reasonably expensive, but many more are still cheap for western tourists, such as India and Thailand. And with countries like Vietnam opening their borders to visitors there is now more reason to think about booking a flight to Asia.

Flights to North America
America, Canada and Mexico are always popular destinations. With exciting, vibrant cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Vancouver there is plenty of reason to be heading in that direction. Weekends in New York are probably the most popular trip to take, but with attractions of Disney World in Orlando, the Freedom Trail in Boston and Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexico City there are many attractive options.

Flights to South America
South America is poular with backpapckers. With Tierra del Fuego, The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu and other stunning sites it is not wonder people keep coming to this continent. Being so far from the UK, flights to South America are a little more costly than most, but the low cost of accommodation and amazing scenery and culture more than makes it worthwhile.

Travel Insurance
Healthcare is a concern for any traveller. Even in Europe where the British (and EU) traveller will have at least some of their costs met, travel insurance avoids any fuss especially if you need an early trip home.

Car Hire
Are you planing a trip to the United States, or a road trip around Europe? Hiring a car when you arrive is often the most convenient option. Most North American and European airports include car hire dealerships where you can select your transport.