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Flights to Asia

Major cities: Bejing, Bangkok, Manila, Tokyo

Popular destinations: Shanghai, Phuket, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Delhi

Major attractions: See the old Forbidden City in Bejing, or
experience the magic of Jerusalem's churches shrines and temples.
Alternatively, party on the beaches of Goa, dive in sea off Phuket
or revel in the hustle bustle of Hong Kong.

Asia is huge. From Turkey to Siberia to Hong Kong to India it takes in many different countries and cultures.

Flights to Asia
Most large large cities and popular destinations are served by European airlines. British Airways, Lufthansa, Alitalia, and Air France all operate flights to Asia with stopovers available for far destinations.

Where to stay
Accommodation in Asia is generally good value. First rate, 5-star hotels e.g. the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore, are available for those seeking luxury.

More modest travellers will be able to find modestly priced hotels as well as hostels and pensions.

Things to do and places to go in Asia
From the relgious monuments in the Middle East to the Temples of the Far East there are plenty of sites to interest travellers. Similary the scenery varies greatly including deserts, forests, mountains and huge cities, each with its own appeal.

Similarly there are examples of great beaches and spectacular nightlife. Hong Kong is ever-vibrant and resorts like Goa provide a European party scene in a unique Asian environment.