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Flights to North America

Major cities: New York, Chicago, Ottowa, Mexico City

Popular destinations: Vancouver, Los Angeles, Orlando, Cancun

Major attractions: New York is great for Christmas shopping,
while Orlando and Disney World is fun for the family. And if you
want some sea and sun the beaches of Cancun and Acapulco have
the answer.

North America includes the USA, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. So you can expect anything from the ultra-commercial luxury no-expense-spared holiday to the budget travellers ultimate experience.

Flights to North America
Flying to Canada, the USA and Mexico is fairly straightforward. Airports in all large cities allow for easy entry to these countries, after which cheap car hire is often on offer.

Cuba however is not so easy to reach. Travellers are generally advised to fly via Madrid from where flights to Cuba are considerably more frequent.

Where to stay in North America
Holidays in the USA and Canada usually involve extremely good accommodation. From top quality hotels such as The Hitlton, Waldorf and Sheraton down to hostels for backpackers there is something to suit all budget and expectations.

In Mexico and Cuba there is less choice, but the quality is still good. In both countries you may also find families offering accommodation in their homes. This can be risky, but may be a worthwhile option.

Things to do in North America
There is plenty to see in the USA and Canada. With such sites as The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, The White House and Niagara Falls, you will be considerably impressed. Or if you are a skier you can enjoy the luxury of Aspen, Colorado or Whistler in British Columbia.

Mexico and Cuba provide a Hispanic welcome with warm, sun-soaked beaches, flowing sangria and fiesta. In Cuba you can also experience the timewarp lifestyleof a nation, in many ways, stuck in the 50s.